10K Club Hall Of Fame

The 10K award is presented to students who have generated £10,000 or more on Amazon. We believe it is important to recognise achievement, which is why we invest in titanium brushed bespoke awards for every student who has achieved greatness.

Stu, 10K Club Member 2020
Stu has done fantastically well since joining the course. He was looking something new and exciting, which led to him enrolling in the Academy. Stu set his Amazon business up with ZERO online sales experience, and whilst working full-time. He was looking for more financial freedom in his life, as well as more time to spend with his family. Fast forward to July 2019, he is now exceeding £10,000 per month from his Private Label Brand on Amazon UK. Stu runs his business from his laptop, with Amazon storing and shipping all of his products.

Afsar, 10K Elites Club Member and Student of the Elites Academy 2.0

Afsar joined the Elites Academy in 2019. Not really knowing what to expect having read heaps online and without any experience selling physical product online, he dived right in giving it 100% from the get go! He sourced a product quickly, with Dylan's help - and has now created his own reputable and profitable brand on Amazon. He is a recent member of the 10K Club, and has more products lined up to launch moving into 2020. He is now generating £10,000+ per month from Amazon FBA with a SINGLE product. I will be interviewing Afsar on Sunday 2nd February which will be posted on my Youtube channel. I want to find out as much as I can about his journey, to inspire and help others achieve the same!

Afsar's post in our Mastermind Student Group.

   Edward, 10K Elites Member

Ed joined the 10K club in March 2019 - being in his early 20s and with no business experience prior to joining the course.

Ed is now working on launching a handful of new, carefully selected products, to triple his income from selling on Amazon FBA.
Allan, FBA Elites Member 2019
Neilen, 40K Elites Member

Neilen joined the 40K Elites at the beginning of 2019, after graduating the course in mid 2018.

Neilen now generates over £11,000 per month selling his product on Amazon.

He now intends on scaling his business up to £20,000 per month, travelling the world working from his laptop. We at the Academy look forward to seeing this budding entrepreneur further succeed in this space.

Chris, 10K Elites Member
Chris has been a huge part of the Academy for some time - always making the effort to help others within our student Facebook Mastermind group. Chris sourced and launched his first Private Label product in 2019. Chris is a serviceman, and managed to build his business from his laptop whilst being deployed in the middle-east with the Armed Forces. This is a testament to the hard work and determination he has - and shows others, if you want something bad enough, you cam achieve it! Chris now runs a successful, profitable Amazon business making thousands of pounds per month. 


Lukask, 10K Elites Member

Lukasz can relate to many other course members - he has no online experience but wanted to quit his 9-5 and make a passive income somehow. 

He told Dylan:

" Life's too short - you have to believe in yourself and I am proof that you can make thins happen if you just take action! More products are going to be launched in 2019 and I will be in the 100K Elites by the end of the year!"

We love Lukasz confidence, and can see a bright future ahead!

F, Thomas - 10K Elites Club Member

After reaching out and speaking to Dylan on Instagram, Fabain joined the course in 2018!

It is awesome to see Fabian doing so well moving into 2019! He now travels the world working from his laptop - which you can see from his Instagram!

Fabian was sick and tired of being stuck in a dead end job and craved something more - joining the Academy and building his own online business to become financially free has been great to watch.

He knows he still has a long road ahead to get to where he wants to be - but now he has a taste for it, he is hooked!
Joe, 10K Elites Club Member
It was a big decision for Joe to begin his FBA journey, like it is for most! Joe is an active member of our student Mastermind group and continues to improve and grow his Amazon business. Joe now makes an income from his laptop, from selling his first, private label product on Amazon UK. Joe has a long way to go to, but is proud to be a member of the  10K Elites! Welcome to the 10K Elites Joe, next stop 100K :)

Ben, 10K Elites Club Member

Ben joined the 10K Elites in September 2019, with his first product doing incredibly well. His goal is to extent his product range and he'll soon be receiving his 100K Elites award.

Ben joined the 10K Elites in September 2019, with his first product doing incredibly well. His goal is to extent his product range and he'll soon be receiving his 100K Elites award.

Thomas, 10K Elites Member 2020

Tom joined the Academy in 2019. With a clear vision of what he wanted to achieve, he worked closely with Dylan to make it happen.

 He is now generating £6,000 per month with a single product on Amazon UK, and is now launching his brand into all European marketplaces, where his sales are projected to triple, based on forecasts of how well his product does in these marketplaces, to £18,000 per month.

Having recently had a one to one strategy call with Tom, he is ecstatic overall and very happy with his results! He still has to pinch himself that he makes more passively on Amazon than in his day job! Something that I am too familiar with. 

We have many more students in the 10K Club with numbers growing weekly.
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