Hear from our students...
2019 Case Study #1

Fabian, FBA Elites Academy

Fabian is a course student, who in his first month surpassed £6000 selling a single product on Amazon UK. Following this he went on to break £8000 in sales during month 2 - absolutely incredible! 

Fabian had no online e-commerce experience and started from scratch with a vision - he now makes a a healthy full-time income from Amazon FBA.

Fabain works from his laptop anywhere in the world, you can see this for yourself from his Instagram profile.
2019 Case Study #2
Hana, FBA Elites Academy

Hana launched her first product in March 2019 after completing the course.  She was super enthusiastic about business but did not know where to start! The course gave her the grounding and guidance that she needed to get her product live. Within one month, Hana had broken £3,500 in sales from her first product, and is planning on adding more products to her brand throughout the year.
2019 Case Study #3
Neilen, FBA Elites Academy Student
Neilen Joined the course in 2018 - he now sells multiple products on Amazon and generates over £11,000 per month! The crazy thing is that Neilen runs his business from anywhere in the world. It all started with a decision to take action and wow did it pay off!
July 2019 Case Study #4 
Stuart, FBA Elites Academy Student
Stu has done fantastically well since joining the course. He was looking something new and exciting, which led him to enrolling in the Academy. Fast forward to July 2019, he is now exceeding £10,000 per month from his Private Label Brand on Amazon UK. Stu runs his business from his laptop, with Amazon storing and shipping all of his products.

September 2019 Case Study #5 

Sukhi, FBA Elites Academy Student

Sukhi is a 19 year old college student, turned Amazon FBA seller. He joined Dylan's course in late 2019, with little knowledge of Amazon FBA. He learnt everything from scratch, working closely with Dylan to make sure he made the right moves at the right time. Sukhi was absolutely blown away with his results, shortly after launching his FIRST private label product....

He was blow away by his products performance, which is currently generating £26,000 per month. Hard to believe? Watch the video to see Dylan's exclusive interview with Sukhi.

Case Study #6
Edward, Superseller Elites Academy Student
Ed has no online experience prior to joining the course. He is young and driven and wanted to make a change in his life. He worked with Dylan very closely, right the way through to the launch of his first product on Amazon UK. Ed highly recommends giving Amazon a try, especially in 2019 when it is at its peak. Ed was skeptical, as most are - he advises doing you research, go and read up about Amazon FBA and how well people are doing, you can then make a decision for yourselves.
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