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Dylan graduated from university where he studied (BSc) Police Sciences (Law/Criminology) in 2013. He went on to study for his second degree and became a qualified UK School Teacher in 2016.

  Although he enjoyed his job as a teacher, he had always had his sights set on running his own online business, and the freedoms that came with it. It was in 2017 that he heard about Amazon FBA, and that same year he took action and launched his very own Private Label product. 

Stemming from this, his passion for teaching inspired him to create something special for normal people just like him, looking to start something new and exciting in their lives - this is where the Elites Academy 3.0 was born. Since its inception, Dylan has mentored over 1000 students and seen incredible results from members. Dylan believes that with the proper training and mentorship, you're able to create extraordinary results.

You may be asking yourself, what makes Dylan and his training stand out from the crowd? Well that's easy - The delivery of information and content in a training programme is as important as the content itself. Dylan was taught during his degree that it is paramount to have a good teacher delivering content. The results are MUCH greater for students who have a qualified professional delivering the information and Dylan is the ONLY qualified teacher in this space! This fact, coupled with the unique one to one mentorship programme, student results and in-depth training course for all capabilities on offer, it's an easy choice.

Dylan believes that in life, a single moment can define the rest of your life, a single decision can map out your entire future - for him, it was FBA.
Leon Dawdry (Elites Academy Student) "Just want to say the course has been great so far. I had wasted so many hours watching different Youtube videos about Amazon FBA but your course really helped me put the pieces together and map out exactly what to focus on and how to succeed - best purchase yet!"
The Elites Academy 3.0 Includes:
  •  Full Amazon FBA UK Course for 2021
  • Full Accelerator Starter Programme 
  • Unlimited VIP Mentorship Support From Dylan 
  •  Elites Profit Calculator Training
  •  Elites Supplier Scripts Training
  •  24/7 Student Mastermind Private Group Access
  • ​24/7 Access To The Student Learning Hub
  • ​50% Off Your Helium 10 Subscription*

What are our students saying about the training?

Michal, Elites Academy 3.0 Member 2020

Sagar & Manpreet, Elites Academy 3.0 Members 2020

Alice, Elites Academy 3.0 Member

Afsar, Elites Academy 3.0 Member

Oscar, Elites Academy 3.0 Member

Tom, Elites Academy 3.0 Member

Anna, Elites Academy 3.0 Member

Anna, Elites Academy 3.0 Member

Matthew, Elites Academy 3.0 Member

Lucas, Elites Academy 3.0 Member

Sukhi, £1,000,000 Club Member

Sukhi has worked with Dylan closely since joining the Elites Academy. Sukhi began with launching just one product, which did fantastically well. Fast forward 2 years, he's now generating £300,000 per month through his Amazon store with just 14 products. There are no other trainers within this space with student results as impressive as this. We pride ourselves on a high standard of mentorship, with highly detailed and well-presented lessons.

A Glimpse Inside Our Member's 10k Club

Awarded to members who have generated over £10,000 on Amazon

Adam, 10K Club Member

Adam is a member of the Elites Academy and has been working towards his dream of having his own brand launched on Amazon throughout 2020. He has flown past the £10,000 mark and is now expanding his brand, launching new products in the UK and the US. 

Sagar & Manpreet, 10K Club Members

This lovely couple are part of the 10K Club and have been working hard throughout 2020  to launch a product on Amazon that they truly believed in. In 2020, their product launched and they were quick to pass the £10,000 mark! 

Ikram, 10K Club Member

Ikram started from scratch, joining the Elites Academy with no experience in this field whatsoever. He worked through the lessens and turned to Dylan when he needed advice. He is making 4 figures per month in profit from his brand on Amazon, and is planning on launching a new product in late 2020, early 2021.

Jansen, 10K Club Member

Jansen smashed through his first £10,000 after joining the Elites Academy. 
Last month, he broke this marker in 30 days of sales alone! 

Oscar, 10K Club Member

Oscar has committed a lot of time and effort into his Amazon business - and is now reaping the rewards. He has an established brand and product on Amaozn, and is planning further launches throughout 2021.

Matthew, 10K Elites Club Member

Matthew launched his product in December 2020, souring past the £10,000 sales mark within his first 30 days of launching! Matthew is already working closely with Dylan to launch 2 more products and expand his brand portfolio over the course of the coming months moving into 2021. He explained that Dylan's training and mentorship was extremely beneficial and worthwhile throughout the process selecting and launching his product on Amazon.

Dom, 10K Club Member

Dom joined the Elites Academy in 2020 and quickly passed the £10,000 mark. He is valued member of the Academy and we're excited to see Dom launch his next product range. Dom had no online e-commerce experience and still works his full-time role!

Hefin, 10K Club Member

Hefin wanted to create a separate passive stream of income and launch his first product on Amazon. He has done just that - his brand is thriving and he is looking to launch more products in the future.

Micheal, 10K Club Member

With English not being Mike's first language, he was a little sceptical about starting his own Amazon business. He is a successful PT in the UK and it was a big move for him, but he has absolutely nailed it with his first product being a real success. He now runs his own online business and makes a secondary passive income - you can read his review above.

Katie & Rob - 10K Club Members

Katie and Rob, the 'partner duo' have smashed their first product! They joined the Elites Academy 3.0 to build their own brand on Amazon and create a passive income stream, with the goal to have more free time to spend with each other. 

Rupal, 10K Club Member

Rupal generated £10,000 in her first month with ONE PRODUCT!! Enough said.

Luke, 10K Club Member

Luke and his business partner quickly launched their first product and flew past the 5 figure mark within a few short months. They are now expanding their range to increase their overall revenue.

Bina, 10K Club Member

Dylan worked with Bina extremely closely, as she lacked confidence when starting the training, having never done anything like this before. She was worried that she wouldn't be able to 'launch her own product' - wow was she wrong! Bina's first product was a huge success, generating her thousands of pounds in profit per month - passively! 

Mordem, 10K Club Member

Mordem joined the Elites Academy whilst studying in university. He now makes £3,000 per month in profit from Amazon FBA, whilst studying full-time! Having this stream of income helps Mordem concentrate on his studies, instead of having to work part-time in addition to his studies.

Sandy & Tina Partnership, 10k Club Members

Working with Dylan closely with one to one strategy calls, Sandy and 
Tina have worked extremely hard to build up their very own Amazon FBA business with great success. They very quickly surpassed the 10K mark with 3 products, and are looking to further grow the brand on and off of Amazon. 

Our Exclusive 100K Club

Awarded to students who have generated over £100,000 on Amazon.

Neilen, 100K Club Member

Neilen has been with us since 2018! He started from the bottom and has built him Amazon FBA business up to multiple six figures per year. He has achieved this through hard work and consistency and a willingness to take action! He is a valued member of the Academy, helping others out on our Mastermind group regularly.

Toni, 100K Club Member

Toni joined the Academy already having his own Amazon business, but wanting to take it to the next level with FBA. He has successfully scaled his business up to the 100K+ per year mark have taken the training, and has bee interviewed on Dylan's Youtube channel to share his tips and tricks for Amazon FBA.

Stu, 100K Club Member

Stuart joined the Elites Academy 3.0 looking for something new and exciting that would provide him with an extra passive income. He started by launching just one product, and over the course of the last 2 years has added to his brand to increase his overall revenue. He is now generating over £100,000 per year though his FBA business. Stuart decided to TAKE ACTION and follow his dreams, which is my advice to everyone!

To see more 10K and 100K members, scroll down and visit our 10K Hall Of Fame

Your Course Curriculum

14 Modules Consisting of 150+ Personally Delivered Lessons From Dylan

Introduction To The Elites Academy 3.0

  • Welcome To The Elites Academy 3.0 (1.54)
  • What is Private Label? (0.40)
  • ​What is Amazon FBA? (2:00)

  • ​The Costs Involved When Starting An Amazon FBA Business (4:56)

The 10K & 100K Club 'Member Mindset'

  • ​ 

The 10K & 100K Elites Club (1:36)

  • ​ 

The 'Member Mindset' (2:50)

  • ​Adopting a 'Solution Based' Approach (3:27)

Student Resources

  • ​The Mastermind Community and Learning Hub (1:58)

  • ​Elites Digital Downloads (1:30)

  • ​Academy Discount Links (1:22)

  • ​How To Access Your VIP Mentorship With Dylan (2:50)

Module 1 - Business Setup & Implementation

  • Implementation - How Should You Study The Course (5:05)
  • ​Should I Choose a Limited Company Or A Sole Proprietorship (5:18)
  • ​A Simple Approach To Setting Up a UK Limited Company. (2:33)
  • ​How To Operate As a Sole Trader. (2:17)
  • ​SIC Code Requirements (1:01)
  • ​Trademarks and Amazon (7:22)

Module 2 - Your Business Options

  • Recommendation For Your First Business Bank Account (2:12)
  • ​Starting With No Money (1:11)
  • ​Do I need an Accountant?  (4:20)
  • ​Business Insurance (2:40)
  • ​Creating A Professional Business Email. (1:56)
  • ​Patents  (5:48)
  • ​Design Rights.  (2:44)

Module 3 - Finances, Taxes and VAT 

  • The Basics (5:03)
  • ​Making This Work On A Budget (4:20)
  • ​Is Lending An Option? (2:57)
  • ​Introduction To Corporation Tax The basics (4:39)
  • ​Introduction To VAT (7:15)
  • ​Which Applies To You And Why. (2:01)

Module 4 - Elites Product Research PRO

  • ​ Do NOT overlook this... (3:53)
  • ​We Are NOT Launching A Product (6:54)
  • ​Keywords and Customer Intent. (6:40)
  • ​Creating Something Extraordinary (14:28)
  • ​Your All In One Product Research Software (5:29)
  • ​We're The MOST POWERFUL Research Tool In 2021 (18:38)
  • ​Reverse Engineering The Process (16:52)
  • ​How To Quickly Gather The Data You Need (8:50)
  • ​Demographic Targetting (5:20)
  • ​I Need Product Ideas - Guide (4:22)
  • ​Barriers to entry (5:42)
  • ​Budgetting (3:52)
  • ​Understanding Amazon's Gated And Un-Gated Categories (6:37)
  • ​Product Research Criteria - What To Look For (14:44)
  • ​Interpreting Sales History And Its Impact (5:04)
  • ​Research Secrets (1:43)
  • ​Calculating Your Profit Margins CORRECTLY. (12:04)
  • ​Advanced Product Check To Minimise Risk (9:17)
  • ​Advanced Product Check To Minimise Risk (PT2) (12:10)
  • ​ASIN Grabber (2:09)

Module 5 - Elites Product Research PRO 2

  • ​Understanding Restricted Products (1:43)
  • ​Finding Products By Spying On Your Competitors (2:29)
  • ​What Should I AVOID (4:46)
  • ​Bundling Correctly (6:15)
  • ​Amazon's dangerous goods policy (must see) (9:14)
  • ​Leverage This Software To Track Interest (4:16)
  • ​The 999 Cart Trick (3:14)
  • ​Is Your Product The Right Product? (3:35)
  • ​What Is A 'Perfect Product' (2:42)

Module 6 - Creating An Irresistible Brand

  • ​Introduction (5:33)
  • ​Creating A Brand On Amazon (2:04)
  • ​Creating A Strong Brand Message (7:28)
  • ​Leveraging Your Brand. (3:11)
  • ​How To Dominate The Market With A Strong Brand. (2:49)
  • ​Using Your Brand To Scale And 10X Revenue On Amazon (3:34)

Module 7 - Suppliers And Shipping & Sourcing Your First Product

  • Sourcing in the UK (2:59)
  • ​Sourcing from China (2:10)
  • ​What makes a good supplier?(9:13)
  • ​Setting up your Alibaba account (2:34)
  • ​Finding And Contacting Suppliers (3:21)
  • ​Supplier Contact Sheet (4:40)
  • ​International Shipping (7:06)
  • Striking The Best Deal (4:52)
  • ​DDU & DDP Explained (3:55)
  • ​​DDU vs DDP Shipping Options (5:41)
  • ​​Air Or Sea Shipping (5:43)
  • ​Direct to FBA (4:39)

Module 8 - Suppliers and Shipping Part 2

  •  You MUST Do This Before Placing Your Order (3:08)
  • ​Product Images - Affordable Ways To Get Your Logo Designed (5:04)
  • ​Variations(7:35)
  • ​Packaging(4:57)
  • ​Creating your logo (3:09)
  • ​EORI(2:40)
  • ​Import VAT(2:46)
  • ​Duty(2:14)
  • ​Inspections(3:09)
  • ​Bundling Two Suppliers (2:05)
  • ​Tips From A Pro (6:43)

Module 9 - Paying Your Supplier

  • Paying by TT (1:46)
  • ​Pay Using A Credit Card (1:11)
  • ​Which Option To Choose (1:29)
  • ​Communication Is Key (1:52)
  • ​Overcoming The Language Barrier (2:17)
  • ​Getting Most From Your Supplier (2:55)
  • ​Calculating Your Landed Cost (4:19)

Module 10- Barcoding Your Products Correctly

  • What Are Barcodes (4:41)
  • ​What Is Their Relevance On Amazon (5:12)
  • ​How To Source Barcodes Safely (3:28)
  • ​What To Do With Your Barcodes. (4:30)
  • ​Trick To Avoid Paying For Barcodes (2:12)

Module 11- Account Setup and Product Listing Creation

  • What is an Amazon listing (2:50)
  • ​What Stage Should I Set Up My Listing (1:23)
  • ​Setting Up Your Amazon Seller Account Correctly (7:46)
  • ​Creating Your First Product Listing (Walkthrough) (11:11)
  • ​Sending Inventory Into Amazon FBA (14:38)
  • ​Hazmat (3:19)
  • ​Exemption Sheets & SDS Sheets(6:05)
  • ​Getting Un-Gated In ALL categories (7:26)
  • ​Amazon Terms Of Service(8:30)
  • ​Your Amazon Storefront(12:34)

Module 12- Creating The Perfect Product Listing

  • What Is Listing Optimisation? (2:44)
  • ​What Does A BAD Listing Look Like (3:45)
  • ​Example Of An Optimised Listing (1:53)
  • ​Ranking Factors and Considerations (8:11)
  • ​Keyword Research Tools & Techniques To SKYROCKET Sales (9:07)
  • ​Writing A Product Description That Sells (2:54)
  • ​Key Features & Details (5:21)
  • ​Character Limits (3:16)
  • ​Keyword Placement (2:49)
  • ​Pricing Strategies (4:47)
  • ​Increasing Sales Using RRP (Top Secret Trick) (3:47)
  • ​Product Image Criteria & Sourcing (16:12)
  • ​Verified And Unverified Product Reviews (5:13)
  • ​Penetration Pricing (5:53)
  • ​Amazon Rules and Regulations (TOS) (5:30)
  • ​Hijackers - The solution (5:03)
  • ​A+ Content (4:40)
  • ​Increase Your Conversions (5:02)
  • ​Increasing your Click Through Rate (CTR) (3:22)

Module 13 - Good Problems To Have

  •  What Can Go Wrong? (0:53)
  • ​I Have Ran Out Of Stock (1:45)
  • ​The Effects Of Running Out Of Stock (2:39)
  • ​How To Prevent Running Out Of Stock (1:42)

Module 14 - Elites PPC PRO 3.0

  • ​Introduction To The Elites PPC Pro Module (2:23)
  • ​What Is Amazon PPC (7:06)
  • ​Important Terminology Simplified (16:44)
  • ​Amazon PPC Campaign Types (4:45)
  • ​Match Types (16:14)
  • ​You HAVE To Do This Before You Start Advertising. (7:34)
  • ​The Correct PPC Campaign Structure (5:26)
  • ​The Correct PPC Campaign Structure (5:26)
  • ​Choosing The Correct Bidding Strategy (4:30)
  • ​What Is The Right Starting Bid? (8:09)
  • ​Portfolios To Keep Your Campaigns Organised (1:58)
  • ​Introduction To Sponsored Product ADS (2:31)
  • ​Automatic Campaigns (10:54)
  • ​Exact Match Campaigns - Your Biggest Profit Drivers (7:43)
  • ​INSANELY Profitable Exact Match Campaigns (3:43)
  • ​Get High-Demand, Low Competition Keywords In Seconds With Helium 10 (8:10)
  • ​The Most Profitable Keywords To Target (8:27)
  • ​Broad And Phrase Match Campaigns (4:47)
  • ​Actionable Steps - What To Do With This Information... (1:50)
  • ​ASIN Targeting - DOMINATE Your Competition (7:13)
  • ​Discover A List Of WEAK Competitors To DOMINATE With Helium 10
  • ​Sponsored Brand Ads (12:36)
  • ​PPC Optimisation (18:44)
  • ​Giveaways (3:30)
  • ​Reviews (2:04)

Module 14 - Launching To 
Page 1 - Understanding & Perfecting Amazon's Advertising 

  • Introduction to Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) NEW (5:48)
  • ​PPC In Real Time NEW (10:43)
  • ​Sponsored ADS NEW (1:14)
  • ​Organic Visibility NEW (1:27)
  • ​Automatic PPC Campaigns - The Fundamentals + Tricks NEW (20:31)
  • ​Manual PPC (NEW) (9:30)
  • ​Interpreting your PPC campaign (7:24)
  • ​Setting up a successful Amazon promotion (6:08)
  • ​Advanced PPC (Part 1) NEW (4:21)
  • ​Advanced PPC (Part 2) NEW (2:53)
  • ​Launch to Page 1 (Launch Strategy) NEW (9:54)
  • ​Pricing (4:52)

Your enrollment is a one time purchase and will include all of the following:

Full Amazon FBA UK 2021 Course
The most comprehensive Amazon FBA training available in 2021 with over 150 VIDEO lectures packed into 15 modules. This is almost double all other UK courses! Dylan provides unlimited access to all 150 tutorials, split into easy to understand modules, packed with all of the knowledge and expertise which he has acquired with over 4 years experience selling on Amazon UK himself, generating over £400,000. Imagine one centralised location where you will be guided through every step of the process, ensuring you get the results that you deserve.
  • 150 Step by step video tutorials to guide you through every step of the process, constantly updated by Dylan.
  • Dylan's tactics & strategies to scale your business to 6 figures, FAST.
  • Dylan's '6-Figure Secret' revealed.
 Elites Accelerator Course 
The accelerator course is designed to keep you on track during the early stages of your journey.  Every week, for 8 weeks, you shall receive a video and checklist from Dylan. This programme is designed to provide you with that extra support, ensuring you are progressing at the speed you should to reach your goals sooner.
  • A video presentation each week delivered by Dylan.
  • A weekly checklist of tasks to keep you focused and on track.
  • Constantly updated to ensure the best results for students.
Unlimited VIP Mentorship With Dylan (Mon-Fri)
You have personal access to Dylan directly through the mentorship programme, allowing you to ask him any burning questions that you have. This works in tandem with the course, and means you always have expert support at the touch of a button. This is deemed one of the most valuable parts of the course, with students joining for this bonus alone.
  •  Get unlimited advice and feedback on product ideas.
  • Discuss strategy with Dylan himself.
  • Unlimited listing optimisation tips from Dylan.
  • ​Responses within 24 hours or less.
24 Hour Private Student Mastermind Group
Our student Mastermind group is used by hundreds of students to network with each other on a daily basis. Having a support network, and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs can really help you along your journey. 

Students have suggested that the ability to access this peer to peer support, at the touch of a button, is worth the course value in itself!
5,000 Exclusive Product Ideas
We understand that finding an awesome product is important. As part of your Welcome Pack, you will be provided with 5,000 Amazon product ideas, vetted by Dylan to ensure they qualify. There couldn't be a better way to start your journey and catapult you into the process than to get your hand on this list! 
You will also receive these free BONUSES when you join the family.
 Elites Supplier Scripts
At the Elites Academy we know it can seem daunting when you have to reach out and contact suppliers for your first order. This is why Dylan has put together a comprehensive guide, with tips tricks and templates for you to contact suppliers with ease.
  • Dylan's supplier secrets revealed.
  • Guidance on the overall process.
  • A range of supplier templates for students.
Elites Profit Calculator
Accurately calculating your profit for each product that you sell is important. The Elites Profit Calculator will ensure your numbers are spot on, with some tips on how to keep margins high.
  • Easy to use software.
  • Fast profit calculations for your products.
  • Unlimited usage.
Elites Learning Hub
We understand that you want questions answered quickly, possibly late at night or on the weekend. If this is the case, then you will be happy to hear of the new Elites 'Learning Hub'. Accessible 24/7 at the touch of a button, you will have private access to information to help you with any hurdles that you are facing. This knowledge base is packed full of articles which are easy to understand. You would expect to pay hundreds for this product but you will be getting this for FREE. Your welcome pack will provide you with exclusive access to this resource.
  • Immediate access to all course articles.
  • Guidance on a variety of processes.
  • Packed full of Q&A's.

Our student results speak volumes...

"Very detailed and I really like it"
£4000 in the first 16 days! "Not too shabby for my first month"
£7000 in sales selling his brand on Amazon after joining the course! Fantastic and well deserved results! All with a full-time job!
When you join our training program, you are joining risk-free and with piece of mind. You have an entire 15 days to watch up to 20% of the course to make sure it is compatible with you. On the rare occasion that is isn't, you can simply email Dylan at for a FULL REFUND, no questions asked! We can't be any fairer than that.

"Just bought your course with my cousin Oz, looking forward to your mentorship and our Amazon FBA journey"
"Loving the course so far by the way"
" So glad I'm signed up for your course. It's goes into so much detail about costs and  limited company info"
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So, to confirm, by joining today you will receive:


  •  Unlimited Access to the Full Amazon FBA UK 2021 Course 
  • The Elites Accelerator Programme
  • VIP Unlimited Mentorship From Dylan 
  • Unlimited Access To 24/7 Student Mastermind Group 
  • ​Elites Supplier Script Training 
  • ​Elites Profit Calculator Training 
  • Elites Learning Hub Access 
  • ​5,000 Top Selling Product Ideas
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